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Okay.  So I have two version for this japanese pun.
For those that do not want to read further, it just means, "extremely good/nice."

Now, for those that are interested in entirety of the japanese pun.  Here it is...
The origin of this pun comes from a japanese idiom, "水もしたたるいい男" (mizu mo shitataru ii otoko).  "水 = water, したたる = dripping (or "adding in"), いい男 = nice guy." 
There is no direct explanation for this idiom, but the closest interpretation of it is, "Dripping with water, yet a good-looking guy."  Dripping with water = drenched in rain.
Since in some asian dramas, the girls would fall for a good-looking guy that ran through the rain. >.> (and they still do.)
Anyway, it should mean, a really REALLY good-looking bishounen.
However, the manga uses the idiom to make up the pun, changing from guy to girl, allowing the it to mean, "dripping with water, yet a nice-looking girl.
Then, Angelina takes the idiom extremely literally, thus adds vinager first, then honey to water making her an even sweeter girl.

Hope you understood it!

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